Intellectual property

Intellectual Property

Hydrokinetic Energy Corp. has filed a comprehensive and detailed utility patent application with the USPTO (with reservation for international rights) covering all aspects of our high efficiency turbine design. These patents will establish our position at the forefront of the Hydrokinetic Turbine market worldwide. There are very few companies in the world that have developed Hydrokinetic turbines and none of our competitor's designs are as efficient or environmentally and wildlife friendly as ours. Our design has a Patent Pending status.

1. FVAT, Flow Velocity Acceleration Technology: Unique Venturi Flow Accelerator Shroud with Annular Diffuser
2. Hydrofoil Shaped Rotor and Blades
3. Wildlife and Debris Excluder 
4. Various Installation and Maintenance Methods: Fixed, Floating, Pivoting and Towed 
5. Methodology of Site-specific Turbine Design 
6. Proprietary Electronic Control Module and Software for optimal energy extraction (under development)

Unique engineering concepts comprise the HEC technology:

- Hydrofoil shaped rotors and accelerator shrouds extract maximum torque from any flow speed and substantially increase water velocity through the turbine and energy output
- HEC’s excluder technology prevents marine life and debris from entering the turbine and allows for safe passage for larval stages and smaller marine life
- Self orienting and pivoting installation to capture optimal water flow direction
- Electronic control module and software assures optimal output through flow speed cycles

Detailed information and test results of our technology are subject to confidentiality agreements.