About US

  • Vision
    To bring to market the most efficient, environmentally friendly, marine-renewable, hydro-kinetic energy generation systems. 

    To create, design, develop, optimize and facilitate manufacture of new proprietary innovation for near-shore, in-stream and low tidal amplitude underwater turbines that can be sold to energy wholesalers as well as private clients.


  • Intellectual Property

    Hydrokinetic Energy Corp. has filed a comprehensive and detailed utility patent application with the USPTO (with reservation for international rights) covering all aspects of our high efficiency turbine design. These patents will establish our position at the forefront of the Hydrokinetic Turbine market worldwide. There are very few companies in the world that have developed Hydrokinetic turbines and none of our competitor's designs are as efficient or environmentally and wildlife friendly as ours. Our design has a Patent Pending status.

  • Information and Inquiries

    For inquiries regarding technology or development status of the project please contact:        
    Walter Schurtenberger
    ​E-MAIL: WS@Hydrokinetic-Energy.com

    For investment opportunities and inquiries regarding the Corporation please contact:
    Ted Herzog
    E-MAIL: TH@Hydrokinetic-Energy.com

    6811 SHRIMP ROAD, KEY WEST, FL 33040 USA
    TEL: +1 (305) 296-2773

  • Technology
    Our permanent magnet alternator turbine has a unique Venturi / Bernoulli flow acceleration system, no shaft or gears, a large wildlife and debris excluder, an easy way out for small marine life, EMF shielding, very low maintenance and non-toxic coatings. This turbine design can be installed on floating structures, or can be piling-mounted and pivoting with a very small footprint on the ocean floor/substrate, or can be mounted on a hoist attached to a bridge or seawall, or can be towed behind a vessel.

  • Project Phases and Status

    The research and development of our project is broken down into 5 Phases. The 1st three Phases are already completed and we are currently in Phase 4b, which is design, building and testing of Prototype #2. This Prototype will full electrical output and will be tested extensively at our laboratory.

    For detailed discription of the Phases please click on "READ MORE"


    Environmental aspects of this design are just as important as producing energy that is clean and sustainable for the future. To assure that no fish or wildlife is harmed by our design, we have developed a unique wildlife and debris excluder. This device will keep all larger sea life out of the rotor section. Smaller sea life can swim and flow unharmed through the open center section of the rotor.

    The impact of our turbines on the ocean floor is practically zero, because each unit is either anchored to the seabed like a vessel or mounted on a single piling driven into the substrate. This results in a very small footprint which has practically no effect on the environment of the installation. Another important factor is that a Hydrokinetic Turbine Array is invisible from land, is quiet, and does not take up valuable real estate. 

  • Renewable Source

    Ocean/River currents and Tidal currents are by far the most reliable source of renewable energy on our planet. They are as predictable as clockwork and fluctuate very little during meteorological events and condition changes. As long as the earth rotates and the moon orbits the earth there will be ocean currents and tides, day and night regardless of the weather. Solar energy produces efficient output only a few hours a day and only when it’s not overcast. Solar is very much affected by meteorological conditions. Wind energy is a good source of power but the wind speeds can fluctuate tremendously. The wind intensity can vary from dead calm to a raging storm; both extremes are not usable for electrical generation.

    ​Please take a moment to view these wonderful videos created by NASA that illustrates all ocean currents.


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